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  A small plane made an emergency landing in Anji, Zhejiang 3 1 dead in rescue 10, the reporter was informed at noon that day four wounded in an emergency landing on a small plane near Anji County in Zhejiang Huzhou emperor Town, the wounded a woman with serious injuries died the death, also wounded three other men in the full treatment , the current situation is relatively stable.At 12:14 on the 10th, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province alarm command center, a number likely landing in Anji County Town emperor as within the small aircraft B-10NH.Alarm, Anji County Fire Brigade, Emergency Bureau, Public Security Bureau, the township and other components deployed rescue search and rescue group.13:34, then the rescue team found the plane made an emergency landing at two kilometers southwest of the airport Anji emperor Lake General.Currently, the aircraft made an emergency landing is still being investigated.

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