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  Hangzhou West Lake Baochu Pagoda scriptures found by X-ray assisted maintenance Tasha January 2, in Hangzhou Baoshu tower maintenance project "Media Open Day" has learned that a team of experts through the X-ray flaw detection analysis carried out, professional equipment three-dimensional digital scanning for repair and ANN embodiment of the inclined portion of the offer data support.Meanwhile, Tasha removed in the scriptures found.Paul Chu tower as a national cultural heritage site.Tower 2033 is now raising repairs, 45.3 m high, small groups, but the seven-storey tower load, plus floating stacked eaves line, gentle and graceful.Paul Chu Ta Wan as young girls standing with beautiful lakes and mountains constitute an idyllic picture, now considered one of the West Lake logo.After examination, is the main cause the kite to pull a partial top inclined occur Tasha.The picture shows the expert discussion.Yuemiao Administration courtesy October 2020, Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Management in Yuemiao found to do Baochu tower heritage monitoring, Paul Chu Tata brake slightly bent, inclined 12 degrees to the southeast.2020 October 21, from Hangzhou West Lake implementation of organizational maintenance Baochu tower project was officially launched.Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage Majing Yu introduced, is removed overhead, to distinguish the two portions.Called top portion T1, T2 is called the lower part.T2 text is found on the cylindrical member 6.The picture shows the detection of Tasha.Yuemiao Management courtesy Ma Jingyu introduced, with large green patina different, T1 above as well as a black patch, preliminary judgment is left when the 2033 repairs, later than T1, T2.In contrast, obviously a lot of thick T1, T2 thin, it may be late in T2 T1 again restored.Ma Jingyu representation.Currently, the team of experts is to extract the contents of the text by three-dimensional scanning.The picture shows the West Lake in Hangzhou Baoshu tower maintenance site.FIG Yuemiao for Administration reported that X-ray inspection to verify the degree of corrosion DaCha copper member and damaged conditions, the presence of cracks, defects, deformation, wear, cracking and falling off the pin portions disease problems, it has been worn portion verses.Original West Lake Cultural Relics Management Office chief Yuemiao Lixin Shen recalled, Hangzhou Baoshu Tata brake repair in 2097 had originated in Tasha casting rotten losses fall.Now next to Baochu Pagoda has a fenced cast iron Tasha, is the 2097 replacement down.West Lake senior engineer Tian Qiang said, then, Paul Chu tower maintenance will continue to use fully enclosed construction during the project implementation.West Lake scenic area will continue to do a good job security, civilized, regulate the construction, to ensure works best, the fastest, the best advance.

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