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  Pupils Fun "health camp" Pupils Fun "health camp" WASHINGTON morning, more than 30 children in the upper grades and Child Health Hospital Branch Qi Jufeng Taiwan area, open the four-day health camp.Fengtai women and children, responsible person, event invites other counties responsible person to watch, next year is expected to gradually promote health in every area of the city summer camp.After the ceremony into the camp, the children are the first to break the ice by groups sandbox game, then received the growth and development assessment; Mental health is an important part of the health camp, the children will visit the Fengtai District Youth practice science station reconstruction psychological characteristics;ll experience when the music therapist, instructor sand table, dentists, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, health inspector and lecturer in science education; and conduct physical training young people, bone and joint exercise activities, as well as Baduanjin Winter Olympics winter sports competitions and adolescents experience.Our reporter Liu Pingshe

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