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  From "relying" to "break the roots of poverty" - knowledge of Ningxia Poverty Alleviation Title: From "relying" to "break the roots of poverty" - working knowledge Ningxia Xinhua Xiao Han Chinese in the landscape "North-South axis" of the northern section, between North China platform, Alxa platform and Qilian fold, rolling mountains and rivers, long and winding, constitute a pieces of wonderful landscape volumes.Here is the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, while surrounded by beautiful scenery, but also has the poorest regions - Howseholds.For thousands of years, people here with the mountains accompanied by, but not bow to fate.From "relying" to cut "the roots of poverty", tackling poverty on the road, Ningxia be performing "a good show.".A six oclock in the morning, before dawn.Just last year Liuxue Qian often too late to wash, you have to back bags, and walk to school a few kilometers outside of school.She first traveled a difficult path, wading a stream, then stepped on the mountain more than 20 minutes, sometimes because of the rain, muddy road becomes more difficult to walk, it takes time will be longer.Jingyuan County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is located in the southernmost tip, is located in the eastern foot of Liupan, is one state-level poverty-stricken counties, is a typical mountain agricultural economy.Five years ago, most of the large village children to be like snow Qian, like to go to school through the long mountain road, wading babbling brook.Several graders need to share a teacher, teachers often a person swept teaching multiple subjects Yushu Wai, art, music, etc..Jingyuan poor, backward and local education levels are not unrelated.The local government also truly understand, "Fu Chi poor first" education poverty is a fundamental policy of helping the poor, but also to lay the fundamental guarantee of tackling poverty.In recent years, Jingyuan County Committee, the Government has always adhered to the "priority to the development of education" strategy, the balanced development of compulsory basic in the forefront "do the people satisfied with education", optimize the development environment, education, implementation of education projects that benefit.Currently, Jingyuan County has established a system covering pre-school early childhood education, compulsory secondary education, secondary education and vocational education "program assistant".2016. Based on this, in turn Countryside of free education included in the "Jingyuan County Educational Poverty Alleviation Plan" for the county subsidy for all preschool teaching fees, and from pre-school education, compulsory secondary education, secondary education and vocational education non-discriminatory, inclusive of free education for full coverage.Liuxue Qian mother silver aryl. Xinhua Xiaohan it "What impressed me most is the baby of school for a look, go to school every day to eat eggs, teachers teach better and better, getting better grades dolls."Liuxue Qians mother in Silver Fang said excitedly.Jing in Jingyuan County town 30 years of coaching teachers Hoteling T2 Test also witnessed the changes in education in recent years occurred in Jingyuan.In recent years, where he Atlanta village primary school to promote the standardization of school construction, and improve a variety of function rooms and a variety of teaching equipment; in addition, the school also through multimedia teaching etc., to achieve a synchronous sharing small school and elementary school classroom resource center."With the direction of education, the children have something to look forward to school."Said Hoteling T2 Test.Back to the present time, this year to prepare the sixth grade snow Qian has already moved into the new school, school is no longer so far away."My favorite art class, I hope to grow up to become an art teacher, to help more students with a brush to draw his beloved hometown."Snow said Qian overly optimistic.Two in July, although the height of summer, but more than 2,000 meters above sea level Guyuan terrain make this land even in direct sunlight also slightly chilly.Driving on the road, along with windmills and sheep companion, after skipping clumps of grass, an emerald green "sea" suddenly appear in front of."This is Yao Yuanzhou mill village, also famous cold vegetable processing plant base in Ningxia."Deputy director of the local agriculture and rural areas, said the bureau Li Chunqin.Li Chunqin mouth of said cold vegetables, the scope of mouth is the local people say "hi cool vegetables", suitable for cold climate region summer production, the growth temperature is maintained at 17 ℃ -25 ℃ of.Yao mill village located south of Yuanzhou in Ningxia, located in the eastern foot of Liupan, the average annual temperature is only 6.3 ℃, plus local high altitude, adequate light and other characteristics of high-quality vegetables grown cold areas."Ten years ago, Yao mill village or to grow traditional corn, wheat and other crops mainly, but due to the greater impact of natural disasters, crop yields are often not high, resulting in lower farmers income."Li Chunqin said, according to local topography and climate, in recent years, Yuanzhou vegetables parks and open field vegetable standardization demonstration bases as the starting point, highlighting the" high quality, efficient, ecological, safe, green requirements, to develop cold vegetables industry.Yao mill producing fusion demonstration vegetable garden, a staff member in the detection of vegetable varieties.Xinhua Yao Xiaohan She processing zones in the mill village cold vegetable base, baskets of fresh vegetables picked just waiting to be sorted and packaged villagers.Here, these vegetables will be put into a box box box labeled "six Qingshuihe" the words, the focus to the south cities and even countries in Southeast Asia sales.Staff member who was involved in loading and unloading, said: "The product is shipped to the country, currently has a base of pre-cold vegetables, multiple workspaces ice-making plant, vegetable sorting fine packaging processing workshops, the annual export more than 120,000 tons of vegetables, protect the flow of foreign vegetables across the region, the season."Li Chunqin that, to further expand the market, Yao mill village also use the Internet + agriculture ideas, the construction of the Internet of Things + agricultural projects, exploration Internet business platform + + + branch sales of agricultural products model, the traditional sales and combination of Internet sales, by exploring online and offline sales, and expand the sales path.It is understood that, in 2020, in the consolidation of 26 facilities to enhance agricultural park based on the current Yuanzhou built four acres and 10 acres of open field vegetables cool demonstration bases, to the cultivation of cabbage, broccoli, baby food, tomatoes, strawberries and other crops mainly driven by the regions growing vegetables more than 21 acres, is expected to total 800,000 tons of vegetables more than 1.2 billion yuan in output value.Three each year from June to September, Ningxia wolfberry mature period.Every year, a large number of Chinese wolfberry within the estate Palit villagers will be assembled in Tongxin County, were picking work wolfberry.39-year-old Ding Yuexia local villagers Palit village early in the morning, she was riding electric cars arrived early wolfberry manor, soon kung fu, Chinese wolfberry is already a success Xiaokuang income "sac" in."We are pressing pounds capitation, a dollar per kilogram, won more than earn, the more!"Said Ding Yuexia.It is understood, Ding Yuexia picked this wolfberry manor called "Rudder Manor".In 2013, the successful introduction of the concentric county government Runde biotech companies, and the establishment of wolfberry cultivation base in the village of Palit, wolfberry industry development plan by local villagers driven to achieve economic income.Palit is the largest eco-village of Tongxin County immigration to the construction of "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the 2012 relocation of the eastern mountain plateau Zhang, Wang and Wang pre-group three towns masses 1379 6310 people, including 969 poor households filing card legislation 4151 people out of poverty have not filing population 58 160 people.Palit village residency rights, first secretary Mr Wu said, in order to improve the villagers income, concentric county government adhere to the ecological environment, the development of Chinese wolfberry industry and precision poverty, pressed forward through the introduction of foreign enterprises, organizations village, the villagers signed contract workers, etc., use poor industry to help the villagers out of poverty.The farmer harvesting a basket of 16 pounds of fresh wolfberry, staff on-site weighing and settled 16 yuan reward. Xinhua Xiaohan picked at the peak of the every day nearly 2,000 villagers to participate in picking work.Runde company official said the company annual expenditure of nearly 30 million yuan picking costs, both to increase the income of local villagers, but also solve the problem of immigration to farmers difficult employment."In addition to picking, we also have products processing production lines, farmers in transition to become industrial workers, but also led to the transformation of their way of life and the concept of."Dingyue Xias home in west town of Lee Village, about 15 km from the village Palit.Six years ago, a man came in response to immigration policy Palit village, bid farewell to the past "facing the loess, relying" predicament."Now, every household has an acre of land yard, two rooms, also with a solar water heater, and work were available, life beauty mile!"Every day will be able to rely on picking wolfberry income on the hundred dollars, among Dingyue Xia words reveal the happiness and satisfaction.

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