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  Weekend Events Guide

   Championship rematch Sun Yang Wu Lei could create greater surprise Lunar New Year coincides with small, will soon enter the New Year.Although only a rest day weekend followed, but exciting sporting events will not be sidelined, taking advantage of years ago last weeks work has not yet begun, let these games help relieve fatigue and stress.We recommend the following schedule, reasonable arrangements for the majority of sports fans watch the games of the weekend program.Data Figure: Beijing time on May ushered in the Catalan derby in La Liga, the Spanish home 2: 2 draw with Barcelona.Wu Lei broke the game in the 88th minute, scored the first goal against Barcelona Chinese players, while helping the team to tie the game.The photo shows Wu Leiqing wish Goals.European football after entering the second half of January, most of the end of the five major league winter break, back on track.This also means that the major leagues went through half a season of competition, qualifying competition for the upcoming further warming.La Liga, Real Madrid, Barcelona is the first name of the struggle intensified, the situation can break go hand in hand in the current round?After Wu Lei absolute level leader, the Spaniard has the possibility of taking advantage of the rise?These questions go through the results of the first 20 matches of the mystery revealed to us.Premier League, two-front battle the Red Cross is also worth looking forward to this season, Liverpool clean sweep distant leader, Manchester United want to pose a threat to the home team at Anfield, the difficulty is not small.Part of the game time at 23:00 on the 20th Primera Liga 20 Real Madrid - Sevilla at 23:00 on the 20th the first 20 La Liga Villarreal - Espanyol at 00:30 on the 20th of the 23 Premier League Liverpool - Manchester United 20 May 20 04:00 La Liga Barcelona - Granada CF data for: 15 days, the Chinese Olympic 0: 1 loss to Iran, Olympic preliminaries group stage three battles ink, 0 minutes, 0 goals embarrassing report card completed the final farewell.The picture shows the game live. Source: Osports all sports photo agency in Asia soccer team in the Olympic preliminaries Olympic team to the quarter-finals after the dismal report card out 0 0 goals, as China is still only in the Olympic preliminaries journey cum U23 Asia Cup plays the spectators.Even so, in Asia the team for the Olympics competition places is still cause for concern.At present, the Olympic preliminaries group stage has come to an end, and achieved promotion eligibility of eight teams in the Olympic Games host Japan team did not figure, it also means that the first three qualifying Party tournament qualify for the Olympic Games available.Brutal knockout competition system blowing, broke into the Top 8 is not insurance, leaving space for the team to make mistakes running out.Game time at 20:15 on the 20th Olympic preliminaries quarter-finals Saudi Arabia U23- Thai U23 20 Ri 21:15 Olympic preliminaries quarter-finals of the Australian U23- Syria U23 at 20:15 on the 20th Olympic preliminaries quarter-finals South Korea Jordan U23- U23 20 Ri 21:15 Olympic preliminaries quarter-finals UAE Uzbekistan U23 U23- data for: Jeremy Lin in the game. China news agency reporter Cui Nanshe CBA regular season crowded football stadium, home to basketball is not far behind.This weekend, CBA regular season is still in full swing, in which Jeremy Lin reappear in the competition squad in Beijing Shougang, is undoubtedly the most exciting things to watch recent.Earlier, the Shougang inside serious injury, had to temporarily activate simultaneously two big foreign aid, which is also at the expense of Jeremy Lin playing time.This time the return match against Shenzhen, Lins performance worth the wait.In addition, Guangdong mens basketball Yiqijuechen trend can not be stopped, but the integrity of the man and the superior strength of the defending champion, will usher in the recent rise of the trend evident in Shandong basketball challenge.Xinjiang team the evening of 20 direct collision Liaolan also expected to spark a wonderful collision, steady improvement in the state-controlled north, led by Marbury, will also strive towards a higher ranking.Part of the game 17:00 20:00 CBA General Ri Sai Jilin - Xinjiang at 20:35 on the 17th CBA regular season Shougang - Shenzhen at 20:35 on the 17th CBA regular season Zhejiang - North control at 20:35 on the 20th CBA regular season Guangdong - Shandong Province at 20:35 on the 20th CBA regular season Liaoning - Xinjiang at 20:35 on the 20th CBA regular season Shougang - Jiangsu Province at 20:35 on the 20th CBA regular season mansions - North control data for: the evening of 15, the Chinese player Sun Yang 3 minutes 44 seconds to score 07 to win the 2020 FINA swimming championship series mens 400 meters freestyle champion. China news agency reporter Chen Wenshe FINA Championship Series Beijing Railway Station FINA Swimming Championship Series by FINA, founded in 2020, a world-class new events, competitions by invitation system, and more players for the Olympic Games and World championships medalist and world record holder and the worlds top-ranking.This year, the first race in Shenzhen, Beijing leg of the second race will be held at the National Olympic Sports Center Ying Tung Natatorium January 20 to 20.Sun Yang, Xu Jiayu, fu yuanhui, who now have arrived in Beijing just ended a race of Chinese swimming team is in full swing, ready for new challenges.Data Figure: Beijing December 9, 2020, one of three competition snooker UK Championship in York, UK came to an end.Ultimately, the Chinese player Ding Junhui to 10: total score 6 victory over Britains Maguire, after a lapse of 10 years, winning the tournament championship.Masters Snooker 2020 Snooker Masters held on May 12-20 this month in the northern suburb of Alexandra Palace in London, the tournament is limited to 16 to participate in the world rankings before the tournament, first prize of £ 250,000.OSullivan won last year beat Trump in the final to defending champion played identity, Chinese player Ding Junhui 14 consecutive times as the worlds top 16 players participating.However, these two men have been in the previous game unfortunately, stop.Ongoing quarter-finals, Murphy, Carter took the lead into the ranks of the semi-finals, while the remaining two seats will all generate 20 am, followed by two matches, to stay in the game players will end the season as a symbol of honor highlights the masters title fight.Part of the game time at 22:00 on the 20th Snooker Masters final

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