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  From the "Asias first sinkhole," the road to ecological transformation of the national 4A scenic Yellowstone National Mine Park CNR network Yellowstone July 17 news Quan here cast weapons, Yang Guang here cast coins, Yue Fei here cast the sword..1700 years of Chinese civilization in this ancient metallurgical industry Passing the torch.Hubei Huangshi, a city born because mine."Asias first sinkhole" Yellowstone logo.Something 2200 meters long, 550 meters wide from north to south, the largest drop of 444 meters, pit area of 1.08 million square meters of "Mining and Metallurgy Grand Canyon" left a mark on thousands of years of mining.At the same time, it also brings a series of problems of resource depletion, scarcity of land, to respond?From black to green, Yellowstone blaze a path of ecological transformation of local conditions.Yellowstone National Mine Park "Mining and Metallurgy Grand Canyon" rolling in the Yangtze River flows through Wuhan, north Guaige Wan bends to the south, vast stirred flow through southeastern Hubei, located in the south bank of the river this land is Yellowstone.Yellowstone in July, scorching sun.But walking in Yellowstone National Mine Park, large shade, bursts of cicadas, people feel a little cool down.Eyeful of trees and flowers, make it difficult to imagine that here was a barren hard rock mine waste rock dumps.Park inside the mine, with a cast iron head Zhang will be remembered back to the Westernization Movement.2090, Viceroy Zhang Zhidong letter to the court, the construction of Hanyang Iron Works, decided to open Daye iron ore as a raw material base of Hanyang Iron Works.Today, Yellowstone National Mine Park of Daye Iron Mine is the past, is the subject of the famous Chinese history "Hanyehping factories and mines, Ltd." in Daye Iron Mine.After 100 years of large-scale mining, iron ore consumption of Daye Iron Mine has reserves of 1.300 million tons, the beginning of this century, its iron ore resources to maintain reserves of less than 3,000 tons, are classified as "mine crisis" countries.Yellowstone National Park in the mine, Zhang Steel Busts.Public reports, from 2058 to 2005 and put into production the end of open pit mining, East Daye Iron Mine open pit stripping rock cumulative 3.6.4 billion tons, if these criteria paved rock embankment, can turn around the equator more; mined iron 1.300 million tons, if all of the iron ore refining rolled into the rail, can be laid over 220 Kowloon line; mine production of copper 32.50,000 tons, if all of these copper cable made into commonly used in industry and to be led from the earth to the moon.The extensive economic development so that Yellowstone has accumulated a lot of ecological debts.Due to surface mining emissions of more than 300 million tons of waste rock, formed covers an area of 4 million square meters of waste rock; long-term uncontrolled mining, leaving more than 400 mountains Xiatangkou for the city, more than 150 Block tailings; due to industrial wastewater directly discharged into the lake, the lake became Daye water from a boundless serious pollution inferior class ⅴ."Waste Rock time table site temperature reached 70 °, can be directly boiled eggs, contamination can be imagined."Director of the National Park Service Yellowstone Mine Yanhong Yong is mine second generation, a child of mine mining scene also deeply imprinted in his mind.To get rid of the depth dependence on mineral resources, insist on ecological priority, green development concept, Daye Iron Mine built up area of 15 square kilometers of mine Yellowstone National Park in 2005, and in 2010 was named the national 4A level scenic spots.Yellowstone National Mine Park panorama sand table."See the seam insert green, green through the broken wall, backfill Zhilv, became a pit dug from the mountain, then pit piled high with a 40-year period."Yanhong Yong said that this spirit of determination and courage to achieve a miracle in stone plant trees."In the 1980s, Daye iron mine with related scientific research institutes after repeated attempts, finally found a higher survival rate locust."Introduction to Yanhong Yong, tree roots growing laterally, low soil depth requirements, is suitable for mountain survival.Former barren hills turned into flowers.After decades of efforts, the people in mine waste rock field a crop area of 3.66 million square meters of locust, became Asias largest hard rock forest reclamation.Sophora japonica bloom season every year, visitors flock.Mining millennium civilization, a hundred years of mining history, and now the transformation of the way out of Yellowstone travel industry and eco-tourism wheel drive.

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