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  Beijing: Samaritan or losses by the government reveal all the details Samaritan loss or reveal all the details by the government in Beijing intends to amend the relevant laws and regulations, property damage caused by the process of courageous, self-defense and other rights caused bodily injury Beijing News News Twelfth "courageous capital protection work advanced units and good citizen "award in recognition of the work of the press conference held yesterday.According to the Director of Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau protection of the rights and interests of courageous firewood Everest, this year, Beijing will be recognized for the courageous and disclaimers such as the revision of related laws and regulations, courageous behavior related loss, or guarantee by the government reveal all the details.Award: for the courageous acts within three years, "the capital of the public good Samaritan" named in recognition of every three years, this year marks the twelfth Beijing "capital protection work advanced units courageous and good citizens" Award in recognition of.Director of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau protection of the rights and interests of courageous firewood Everest introduction, the selection, for between 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2020, or courageous in the administrative area in Beijing Beijing residents outside the locality deeds particularly outstanding staff, as well as the unit made outstanding contributions to the cause of protecting rights and interests of courageous.According to the plan, named "Capital Good Samaritan citizens" not more than 50, "Capital courageous Protection advanced units" no more than 10.The winners will receive a certificate of honor on behalf of the municipal government issued medals.Among them, the city personnel awarded the "Good Samaritan citizen Capital" title; non-city personnel awarded the "Capital courageous honorary citizenship"; the same courageous event has two or more courageous actor, awarded the "courageous and exemplary community capital" title.On behalf of the municipal government of award-winning unit issued a "courageous capital protection work advanced unit" medals.Bonus: One person has settled account for Beijing by integrating According to reports, as of now, Beijing issued and implement the relevant provisions of state laws and regulations there are 28 documents.Among them, in 2017, to develop "courageous staff to get above the level of the honorary title, giving 20 points in the points settled in Beijing," the incentives, the score and the provincial Ministry of Labor model, the moral model and masters degree and other conditions can be quite.According to reports, Zhang Qing, deputy inspector of the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, there are 260 non-Beijing Ji courageous adds settled in points last year, we have a deal with a Beijing hukou settled by integration.Meanwhile, the courageous children to school will also receive extra points, winter heating subsidies and other incentives and social policies reveal all the details.Chai Everest introduction, Beijing requires courageous local staff to achieve more than the average standard of living, and therefore the level of protection courageous of Beijing, also among the highest in the country.The provisions of Beijing, to give a one-time incentive, the amount of the previous year urban per capita disposable income of nearly 70,000 yuan in Beijing.In this regard, Zhang Qing it stressed the need to strengthen the information system and financial management system development, disbursement of funds to ensure that safety regulations courageous, the courageous people of all funds paid into the system development platform.The first increase in social change 1 ranked public can vote this year, Beijing ranked first increase socialization.According to the plan, Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau intends to late August launched a micro letter Polls Links, through public voting and expert assessment to determine the "Good Samaritan public capital" and the list of candidates for "courageous capital protection work advanced unit", and to follow the selection procedure public notice, to perform procedures for approval.In the previous June 17, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs held Samaritan Awareness Month launch event, first released courageous three minutes Public Service Announcement, to carry out the first courageous Awareness Month activities.At the same time, determined each year in June for the Beijing courageous Awareness Month, carried out the policies and regulations and courageous deeds of typical propaganda.2 changes completed before the end Samaritan Disclaimer refine the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau Director of Samaritan Protection firewood at Everest introduced in 2000, Beijing in the lead in the introduction of "Beijing courageous staff incentives and protection regulations" and "implementation", and set up special offices to carry out related work.Everest Chai said that there is a current problem Samaritan rights protection in three areas, the first is to declare courageous behavior is not limited implementation time, work to identify the cause difficulties; followed by a small number of cases Baojia favoritism Lee, disrupting work to identify courageous reporting, adverse effects and finally, the current regulations and related implementation measures concerning Samaritan exemption clause is too broad, difficult to implement.For the above three cases, this courageous and protection of the rights and interests of relevant research has been carried out to identify courageous as priorities, plans explicitly declare courageous acts performed by time, the establishment of accountable Terms and refinement disclaimer, to submit legislative amendments or implementing measures.Chai Everest explained, exemption courageous, courageous behavior that is oriented in losses caused by the process, including property damage and bodily injury caused by self-defense, etc., by the government reveal all the details, "equivalent to the courageous buy an insurance policy."Everest Chai said, well, then, is expected to complete before the end of the year to revise the relevant laws or regulations.He said the number of Beijing courageous confirm courageous staff of more than 1700 people were courageous disabled 29 people were courageous sacrifice 56 people were assessed as martyrs 15 people named in recognition of "the capital of Good Samaritan citizens" 416 people named in recognition of "the capital of the courageous protection work advanced unit" 59 China Samaritan Foundation awarded the "courageous and heroic model" honorary title 47 people since 2017, the non-Beijing Ji courageous settled 260 bonus points

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