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  2020 spring Xian North Station launched the first "high-speed rail service alliance" Reporters on the 9th learned from Xian North Railway Station, North Station Xian Spring Festival in 2020 is expected to send 6.5 million passengers, an increase of 8.8% .2020 Spring Festival from January 10 and ends February 8, a total of 40 days.Spring Festival passenger flow characteristics combined with previous years, and this year passenger survey, Xian North passenger station 15 days before presenting relatively overlay, 25 days after the holiday peak sustained for a long, long period of transport features, mainly to visit relatives passenger flow, tourist flow, flow-based workers, concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Wenzhou and Hangzhou direction.The picture shows the Xian North Station.During the Spring Festival, especially camera boats, Xian North Station using the basic diagram, chart peak and emergency plan view of a stepped CDB.Open daily operations EMU trains 380, an increase of 3%.Since January 10, the direction of Beijing to open West, Shanghai Hongqiao, Lanzhou west, Mount Emei, Yanan, Baoji south, Hanzhong, Anqing EMU train 66.Among them, beginning north to Xiamen, Xian, Datong two new directions to launch EMU was first put into spring.At the same time to provide more passengers, more flexible travel options, Xian North Station high-speed rail line opened as night EMU 22, which was bound for Beijing West to eight, bound for Shanghai Hongqiao direction is 14, opened ranks number Xian North station over the years most of the spring.It is reported that this years Spring Festival is an e-ticket in the spring after the first round of Shaanxi Province to promote the implementation, in order to meet passenger demand, Xian North station a "daily peak +" mode of passenger organization.Daily artificial ticket window to open 34, passenger flow peak hours can reach 55.Set ticketing business "fully functional" window, to achieve the sale back Meal one integrated business process to maximize convenience to passengers booking.According to reports, the 2020 Spring Festival Xian North Station launched the first "high-speed rail service alliance", the main alliance of 13 high-speed rail Dazhan cooperation Xian North Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Nanjing South Station, Guangzhou South Railway, Chengdu East Railway Station, etc. system, providing passengers arriving reservation focus, special emphasis Relay passenger services, information exchange between stations and information sharing emergency situations, find lost items and other services, focused on reducing the communication link with the passenger station, and the train station and the waiting time.

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