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  The new credit regulation came: more emphasis on the protection of rights and interests of market players The new credit regulation came: more emphasis on the protection of rights and interests of market players explore the establishment of a credit repair mechanisms of the State Council Information Office yesterday afternoon held a regular policy briefings, presentation "on accelerating the construction of a social credit system construction of the new credit-based regulatory regime guidance "about the situation.National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang pointed out that implementation of the new regulatory regime based on credit will greatly enhance the cost of dishonesty.Even Victoria Liang pointed out that the low cost of dishonesty, punishment light, bad credit problems spread is less high, frequently, an important cause of relapse.In the future, dishonesty record of dishonesty will be widely shared, which is likely limited everywhere.Dishonesty information public according to the law, so that those who pay the cost of dishonesty and accept the supervision of.Dishonesty involved in serious illegal acts of dishonesty will be included in the "blacklist", bear the cost of cross-regional joint cross-cutting promises discipline.In addition, an extremely serious offense involving dishonesty or safety-critical areas of the national economy and dishonesty, will pay the cost within a certain period even forever be implemented limits industry, out of the market.National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang: The opinions requirements to food and drugs, environment, quality, safety, retirement areas directly related to peoples lives and property safety nurseries, urban safe operation, focusing on causing significant loss of body dishonesty and responsible people, according to the law banned the implementation of market and industry measures within a certain period, until out of the market forever.In order to solve the fundamental dishonesty from recurring, easily emerging issues, the main responsibility for acts of dishonesty, and will also be responsible to pay the cost to be accountable according to the law.Market players will focus on protecting the rights and interests with Victoria Liang said that to build a new regulatory mechanism based on credit, the market will pay more attention to rights protection body.To strictly protect privacy and trade secrets, non-subjective and intentional slight or general acts of dishonesty is dishonesty main channels offer credit repair.National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang: information must be promptly amended or revoked for error, and take measures to eliminate the adverse effects.And severely punish illegal disclosure, alteration or other acts of self-serving use of credit information, credit information to increase the safety and protection of rights and interests of the main market.Credit Repair premise there is a limited program National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang interpretation that explore the establishment of a credit repair mechanism of this guidance is an important innovation initiatives.Credit repair, referring to the promises in the main premise completely correct the acts of dishonesty and bear the corresponding legal responsibility, under the condition that they accept credit education initiative to make trustworthy promise fulfilled in accordance with regulations related to social responsibility, shall withdraw from the "black list in accordance with regulations "and promises to lift the corresponding joint discipline, according to the law in accordance with regulations to shorten or end dishonesty information public, according to the law regulate the process of saving measures and credit records in accordance with regulations.National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang: Credit repair is not a simple "whiten record" is not a simple "Exit discipline", but there is the premise of a program, a limited degree of dishonesty rectification process.Even Victoria Liang said that for mild or general acts of dishonesty, under conditions completely correct dishonesty and meet the premise of credit repair, according to the procedure before they can apply for exit "blacklist", and promises to lift the Joint Disciplinary.National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei Liang: We want to remind here, especially as market players are dishonest behavior of market players, do not believe the illegal advertising on the Internet is now "clean record" "whiten credit".The government has made arrangements for a number of offenses such special treatment.Gradually "bankruptcy credit" into the field in order to strengthen supervision of credit constraints prevent all types of credit risk, head of Peoples Bank of China yesterday afternoon policies routine briefing that the research will be gradually introduced "bankruptcy credit" system-related regulatory areas.According to reports, China has established a credit system covering the whole of society, civil transactions credit records of businesses and individuals to track records and information sharing.Disciplinary government departments jointly by sharing information related to credit, constraints on the formation of businesses and individuals, including the main market, making more and more convenient and trustworthy person, who does not keep more convenient.Director of China Administration of Peoples Bank credit Wan deposit known: we want to develop the socialist market economy, and gradually the study "Bankruptcy Credit" system introduced credit-related regulatory areas.Including personal bankruptcy credit, including credit companies go bankrupt, if possible in the future for local governments to establish a credit bankruptcy system.

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