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  19 provinces released the pension adjustment programs where you have gone up much? According to incomplete statistics, as of July 8, 20 provinces and municipalities in Beijing and Hebei have been identified in 2020 retirement pension adjustment programs.Zhejiang 2020 retirement pension adjustment programs consultation has ended in late June.△ 20 provinces 2020 retiree substantially fixed pension adjustments Overall, 20 provinces adjustment program mainly to adjust fixed, and appropriate adjustment of the hook is inclined will be adjusted in combination.The overall level adjustment determined in accordance with around 5% in 2020 per capita monthly basic pension for retirees.Fixed provinces rose 22 yuan / month to 70 yuan / month from the Object view, Hebei and Hainan provinces for retirees, retirees and performs different adjustment programs.Hebei retirees pension monthly increase $$ 40 per month retired personnel by 22 yuan; retired and retired personnel Hainan were increased by 41 per month and $$ 25.Other provinces retirement, retirees same adjustment programs.Among them, Liaoning time to work in accordance with the retirees will adjust the quotas are divided into five files, up to 70 yuan, the lowest 25 yuan.According to Hubei retirees retirement will adjust the quotas are divided into three files.Pay more than the hook adjustment, according to the country mainly retirees pension payment period tranche adjusted so that job, how long people have to pay pensions.Tilt adjustment, adjustment of the object in the provinces mainly retirees in more than 70 years of age retirees and difficult in remote areas.Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces pension adjustment range greater Guangdong personnel followed the tradition since 2016, the first half for the first time to receive the basic pension of retirees included in this years adjustment range; Jiangsu this year for the first time will apply for retirement, resignation formalities years first six months the personnel assigned to this pension adjustment range.Other provinces this adjustment target for retirement, resignation procedure for 2020 before December 31 personnel.Pension adjustment amount over the succession arrangements replacement It is reported that around the pension amounts were adjusted from 2020 January 1 to calculate replacement.Currently, Beijing, Shanghai 2020 pension adjustment amount has been reissued completed.Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other provinces are expected to complete the payment of the pension adjustment before the end of July; after Hebei, Hubei and other provinces expected to be completed before the end of August pension adjustment gold issuance.

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